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All prices are for a single tire

Michelin 1600 X R20 XL 54" tall 36" Goodyear bias-ply 36x12.50x16.5 tire
Our Price: $219.00
Our Price: $149.95
This is a Michelin 1600 X R20 XL tires.  These are the big boys measuring 54" tall!    These tires have 95% or better tread. These are the original style tread the military first used on the hummer vehicles.  They're a bias-ply construction and non-directional tread design.  Limited quantities available.
395/85R20 46" Michelin XML tires 14.00R20 Goodyear 49" tall
Our Price: $195.00
Our Price: $219.00
These tires have 90% or better tread.  These are the current tires being ran on the military FMTV and other larger vehicles.  They are close in design and performance of a super swamper tire from interco.  They measure 46" tall and 15" wide in tread.  While these are from a 20" military wheel, they can be mounted to modern 20" aftermarket wheels.  Due to the tread width, it's best to mount these on 10" or wider wheels.  Users of these tires have mounted them on stock lock ring wheels (7" wide) with a bit of work.  If you do mount these on a split rim, you should also upgrade the inner tubes.  A 9.00 and 11.00 tube is too small.

* All-terrain non-directional computer enhanced tread design delivers excellent soft soil mobility, through improved self-cleaning capabilities.
* Offset shoulder design for increased traction in soft soil.
* Full-width belt protection and elastic protector ply help protect the casing from bruising and penetrations.
* Radial casing design optimized to operate at lower pressures to offer improved mobility and increased enveloping capabilities to resist impacts.

These tires have a load capacity of 9800+ lbs EACH!
This is a 49" tall tire made by goodyear for a 20" rim.  They measure 15" wide on tread. 85% tread
MICHELIN G20 15.5 x R20 46" tall 15" wide 37" NEW STYLE BFG Hummer 37x12.50x16.5 tire
Our Price: $198.00
Our Price: $175.00
This is for a Michelin G20 tires.  These measure 46" tall and a massive 15" wide! These are the all new BFG Hummer tires the military is now using.  They measure up the same as the Goodyear MTR 37's.  But they have a tread pattern that is more aggressive than the Goodyear MTR.  These tires will have 90% tread or better.

All prices are for a single tire
Today's Super Deal!

H1 24 bolt wheels HMMWV Hummer

Our Price: $39.95
24 Bolt H1 or HMMWV hummer wheels.  These are the wheels everyone is using to recenter for their rigs.  We also carry wheel centers, just call!

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